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Year 2021

Why don’t I write more?

This evening finds me in a peculiar mood. Since my daughter was born last month, I did not have too much free time in order to just sit down and wonder what shall I do next. However, it seems that on this Easter night, I suddenly have.

Year 2019

PyCon CZ 2019 – Saturday

On the second day of the conference, I managed to arrive in much better shape and early enough to attend the opening of the day. After some clarification of the lunch process, the description of the dinner (sausages on stick over a fire) and some compulsory warnings (Fire is hot. Please do not get burned.) was the day officially started.

PyCon CZ 2019 – Friday

The annual Czech PyCon conference was held for the fifth time , this time in the city of Ostrava. After I have missed it last year, I decided to attend it again; so I have boarded a bus from Brno and after a peaceful and sleepy trip have arrived at my destination.